This refers to a managerial process which happens in any organization of material management in order to store the goods under a known store which can be reached at any time when needed to be used in the systems. The research shows that in every company the goods and the services are required to complete the cycle of purchasing and exchanging of services. For the two to go hand in hand systematically; goods and the services provided, a good rapport must be created between the vendor and the client for easy exchange. In most cases, invoice verification in sap mm can only be carried out only if the goods are obtained from various places including personal goods or even other companies and kept in the company which requires them for more processes. This means that up to that step the company has already made some good steps which demand that, the vendor needs to be paid for the good services he or she has provided to the company without compromising the situation at hand. Failure to clear the payment to the vendor, he or she can refuse to continue with other processes which are very important to be completed to the last step before carrying out invoice verification as required in the system. For the payment to be effectively, it needs to be done in form of printed documents which will act as evidence was done in this particular date and time.

The forms are later given to the vendor and this can be called as a statement issued to him or her. Therefore, the experts in the field of sap mm always say that, before the actual payment is done to the vendor there is a necessity to verify what he or she did from the first step that was carried out and they term this as invoice verification in sap mm. most of the time, there are particular key points which needs to be followed keenly to ensure that whole process is successful completed. These key points, comes in form of well defined procedures which are outlined and arranged from the first step to the last one. The main reason for giving out these steps is to give the dealer in the company an easy time of carrying out its work with less time spent and to catalyze the process of production of goods. This means that, invoice verification in sap mm is very important and it is not easy to skip it in the steps that are needed to complete the process carried out in sap mm in any company. One must be trained in the internet technology field in order to carry out the invoice verification process with ease because in most of the time it is controlled by the help of human efforts who is in charge and also give his or her wages at the end of the day. The procedures are a bit complicated and therefore need extra skills so as to deal with this invoice verification in sap mm.