Scope of material management

Material management scope can be so broad depending with parameters defining the scope in question. The scope could be defined by parameters of functions that either material management can take part as a department or functions which should be conducted by specific employees found within the materials department. Scope could be as well defined by mandate and boundaries beyond which materials management department cannot enjoy in privileges of influence. Other parameters of scope can be in line with monetary benefits and financial regulations, customer relations, new products introduction to the market and many more depending with the determinants necessitating the regulations or vivid stipulation of the cause leading to establishment of such defined boundaries for the scope.

Based on the above, scope of material management can as well be confined within given parameters because of the existing regulations or orders laid down for effective management. These limits of the scope can be set down by the supreme management of the institution or organization in order to reduce excess powers as well as misuse or rather manipulation of opportunities. In such a case, scope is often therefore only limited to essential provisions that are mandatory for the dispensation of the departmental duties. Any extra provision deemed that may affect activities of the department as well as smooth turnover of the organization as a whole are provided for but through a channeled system of chain of consultations to check on excesses and maintain balances in service delivery. The consultations provided are often those that will involve wide inquiries in order to reduce bias as well as ensure that the final turn up of events is not selfish and ill driven.

In many organizations, scope of material management often is usually stated as;

  • To ensure market stability of the company’s products in order to maintain a continuous customer confidence in the company’s production base.
  • To continuously monitor the market stability and appropriately advice the company’s board of management on relevant action to take in order to stabilize any weak loophole that make be opening in the market structure.
  • From time to time conduct market surveys aimed at getting customers feedback towards the organization and promptly responding to customers complain to correct any mistake that could erroneously affect the company’s market base.
  • To recommend as necessary new products launch as the prevailing market’s demand so as to fit the rapidly changing dynamic customer base.
  • Timely prepare an updated client base register according to their demands in order to help the company or rather institution or even organization formulate policies that welcoming and accommodative of such requirements to ensure a sustained loyal customer base.
  • Mentioned above are just but few of many definitions that can be used to establish the scope of material management. Depending with the preference as well as size of a corporation or institution, the above may be applied singly or even combined into two or more all dependent on what is necessary for effective running of materials management unit for the success of the whole corporation.