SAP training involves dissemination of information from one group to another based on a number of factors. Training involves at least three parties where there is the tutor and the audience. The audience involves the trainees whereas the tutor is the trainer or the one responsible for delivery of the necessary information. SAP MM training needs a lot of patience, concentration and self determination for quality achievement. One may find training boring, slow and non-authentic if not psychologically prepared for the training sessions. In Bangalore, there exists qualifications and qualities that are used to get a preferred trainer incase training is to start. These are threshold standards that must be met by those willing to be tutors in order to realize their dreams to be successful instructors of SAP MM trainees. From time to time, the in appropriate interpretations of SAP MM as well as understanding has resulted in most people develop a negative feedback about SAP MM which is a demoralizing factor in the course of knowledge procreation. This often result in poor force enrollment due to low trained workforce whose implication on an economies standards may be diverse and felt widely if not well regulated.

Taking the case of Bangalore SAP MM training is necessary since the adoption of technological incorporation in the economic practice of the country. The phase out of enhanced service management in which Material management forms part requires some of widely sophisticated software to which SAP forms part of. It is therefore crucial that standards be established of the desired workforce who shall be determined by the quality of instructors as well as the available learning environment. The training has specific duration and curriculum to which all involved institutions are encouraged to adopt in the course off the instruction to the trainees. Prefererably, the desired tutors are expected to conform to certain standards for the sustainable development and growth of the whole sector as far as knowledge procreation is concerned. Some of the desired standards include;

The tutors deserve to be of high academic qualification with at least two academic levels different with the trainees. This apart from a way of ensuring stable knowledge procreation, it as well commands respects from the trainees and appreciation of adversity in the knowledge dissemination.

Should be of high experience with great exposure to the kind of work is going to do. Prior knowledge makes dissemination and justification of literature work used for training more easier since the content that one is to teach turns out to be an individual’s memorable experience.

High exposure and prior management of more complicated training sessions is usually of advantage to the institution as well as participants.

Professional recognition by government through regulatory bodies/commission is highly desired.

These are just few factors as inferred in the case about Bangalore. Much of these standards as well help make the work of delivery service providers easier and more appealing to the public to join the cartels as well. Important to know is Bangalore is undergoing one of the great economies around the globe.