Purchasing in any given institution primarily has to do with acquisition of material, services or support services necessary for the implementation of activities of an enterprise. This involves monitoring of supplies as well as consumables something that can be easily achievable with the Source list in the SAP software. Source list can be used to perform specific functions on the materials that have been produced by the company. For example, source list in sap mm is used to identify the materials which have been approved and allowed in to the system for storage. This ensured by the records which are outlined and stored to be used in future reference by referring on the source list.

At some times when the materials are produced or purchased in the company and late discovered that the same materials are going to have a negative impact in the progress of the company, the material can be rejected before it causes harmful damages to the whole system. This can be used to reduce extra amount of money that has been always allocated for the repair of the systems when they have crashed due to the presence of the effects which can be corrected in time and controlled. This means that, the presence of source list in sap mm system is very vulnerable and important hence it should not be ignored by the managers of the companies. In the sap systems, there are many sources of material supply and for one to be in a position of identifying each source, it is good to use the source list in sap mm since it is known to be acting like a tool that guides people towards the right direction of identifying the sources that are involved in the particular mm process.

Source list in sap mm can be used further to define the source as either fixed for a given maximum number of years or just specific period of time or the source can also be termed as blocked, which means that it is no longer active to serve particular orders in the system of sap mm for a given period of time. However, many people can say or view source list in sap mm to be something that help in the identification of the right source of supply to the company. For this reason, all activities that occur in sap systems are easily controlled as well as easily managed, provided the correct procedures are followed during the source supply determination. From the views of the experts, if the resource list is distributed through other links like; application links, the information can be shared among other sources to provide more valid information to the company managers. The data information shared can ease the work of installing this source list tool in any sap mm materials. Source list in sap mm is also important since it is used to catalyst the steps that are involved in process of obtaining goods that have been purchased and need to be stored safely in the systems of sap mm.