SAP MM Functionality and Technical Configuration

MM in “SAP MM” is a short form for Materials management when written in full. The above title can therefore be rewritten to read as SAP Material Management Functionality and Technical Configuration. These are instructions required for smooth facilitation of Material management duties and activities in the course of dispensation of their duties. The materials required here include those needed by material managers themselves as well as their subordinates for effective job services delivery. Material management as a unit within a corporation should be well budgeted for in order to ensure continuous stable service delivery and efficient output for maximum profits input to the organization. The use and establishment of materials management in an organization in most cases has been viewed as a lee way of reducing workload as well as personnel required for employment for effective running of an organization. This especially has been in cases where material management department come up to serve as purchasing department hence eliminating the need for full-fledged purchasing department with qualified staff what may be actually too expensive for the organization. Material management tools of service and personnel requirements are all relevant attributes necessary for the smooth activities as well as dispensation of duties of this department. The department requires a well and clearly established hierarchy of command so as to avoid confusion of who should report to who and when. When hierarchy of command is well set and established, the flow of duties is much easier and ever employee readily exercises their vested power hence steering the organization towards the defined goals with ease. However, lack of governing documents which often result to internal wrangles due to conflicting interests often due to selfish desires delay results realization of the organization putting it in jeopardy of failure if not corrected. These similarly explain the reason for a well-trained man power to back up the system needs. Consequently, there exist a number of factors that ought to be put into consideration for an effective material management as far as SAP which is an EPR system is concerned. These are; A well trained and fully coordinated workforce that is results driven and ready for the success while preventing at all costs failure of the company, A functional preferably intranet system within the organization but internet can function as well, A clear hierarchy of command that is accommodative and not too rigid to adjustments that are necessary from time to time, A well-equipped and serviced IT system that shall be used to implement the SAP system with ease and efficiency, Clear goals that are defining the necessity for the achievement of corporation policies and mission and vision statements stated in the preamble of the corporations documents of governance. Generally, based on above stated it is evident that the success of any particular system is in concordance with the unity and willingness depicted by the staff. Desire for success is a driving force necessary for all the employees as this thrusts them further towards the realization of something they share in common interest hence at last reaching a common goal which if positive is success of a company.