SAP MM can be written in full as SAP material management. SAP MM configuration entails putting in place the required software and hardware instructions in the right commanding order to effectively carry out the final task of document preparation and generation. Material management is effective with timely production of necessary documents and dissemination of the required information to the necessary people. There exist several versions and stages of configuration that should be adhered to in order to achieve the final functionality of the SAP application. In the libraries, an Adobe document service has come up with instructions and important procedural guidelines that guide to achieve the final use.

Using these document services from Adobe, the SAP users are able to perform a number of functions and activities in document creation and processing to achieve the final objective of the application. These activities range widely including;

Ability of creation and deployment of well formatted data forms those are not different from common paper documents used frequently in office.

The document services from Adobe as well enable users to make use of the forms made both when online and offline services.

Users are able to annotate documents of PDF as well as collaborating these documents’ reviews easily.

The users can as well sign the prepared documents digitally while embedding others documents as attachments.

Configuration involves step wise setting of different stages of the application. The process basically begins with configuration of the web service which involves securing the access to the web service and consequent check of the configuration already done. This is to ensure secured access to the documents prepared and the privacy of the owner. Security checking involves a number of activities and stages to be checked which include the user password, ABAP connection, destination and ICF services and report execution.

This is usually followed by the web service configuration for authentication at the basic level as a tool for a safe operation without alteration to the existing system and software in the computer or rather on the Operating system platform. This stage involves a series of activities like setting an ABAP connection after creation of a user in SAP NeatWeaver. That is usually preceding the creation of the destination service or the changing of the destination service. Other activities here involve the creation of ICF service and setting up of service authentication in java environment.

After these, other major stages in the configuration process involve the SSL service of the web service to be configured which has a series of other minor activities and stages which make up the whole of this stage. Installation of the configuration credentials is almost the last stage which gives the users easy access to the final usage of the application with ease. Of importance to note is the clear and keen adherence to all stage wise steps to give the final quality application for use. Lack of observation of the guidelines usually results in a faulty application whose functionality may not be efficient for duty dispensation.