These are basically the guiding principles that are considered vital for the use and running of the SAP software application. These are usually incorporated in the training syllabus for the learners to acquire the necessary basic knowledge while still training. This means that sap mm syllabus which mostly is in modules deals with special training in any field that concerns itself with material production by use of such concepts; any company that is able to manufacture and produce materials needed to be used in one way or another, management of the produced material so as to take good care of its maintenance, sometimes other companies purchase goods which must be managed properly. The material in this case must be preserved by the stakeholders of the company, whereby they are thoroughly checked and stored under a very conducive environment. They can be monitored from time to time to ensure they are safe. In addition, the records of the received goods must be taken for future reference to avoid confusion and corruption among the greedy individuals who are not honest in their places of work.

Sap mm concepts; also take care of the skills required in the arrangement made in the releasing of the goods in order to get rid of the materials which can be consumed by the clients or customers. Interesting with the continuous use of this knowledge is that it has been seen from the above knowledge that, this module is in capability to support all any information that revolves around material that has been produced by the company. For instance, material management, material planning and also verification of codes that are tagged on the material for easy identification when mixed with other related goods. For quality work seen at the end of all these processes of sap mm modules, the module is also supported from other modules which serve other functions in the field. This is to say that when one merges two modules together with the purpose of strengthening its production ability the end results are more good that when it works as a single module. This is because, in any organization unity of departments is always needed and enforced for quality production to be experienced. The structure is well organized to give the module its true picture and easy management and arrangement of useful information which can be used to enhance its popularity. In addition to the structure, there are small sub-modules which support the core in its functions. The sub modules which are usually much more conceptualized are arranged systematically according to how they function to maintain the real purpose of sap mm module in the company.

The concepts here act as a supporting agent to the module; hence without them excluded no useful results will be expected from the module. Sap mm module, has got its own obtained process which follows specific steps to reach its final stage. These processes involve production of goods till we reach the stage where the same goods are released from the original company.