In reference to SAP MM and other managerial tasks as well, the process of certification has a series of benefits to both those who are being tested for proficiency and as well the final employers in the job market as well those who will seek these services. Most of the questions asked for herein are application questions and are meant to test the users’ comprehension of the taught principles and skills. Most of the questions may have more than one correct answer while others may have even more closely tied answers whose difference may need keen attention and adherence to finer details of a question. Example of a question set here may be that giving a case scenario to a SAP user and giving room for choice to establish the decision making skills of the examined. A question can present an examinee with the following case. The examinee is told to assume he or she wishes to procure a ma5terial with a purchase order and also wishes to take delivery of the materials at different times.

After undergoing the above, next case is to know that a graduated discount scale exists for the particular material. The examinee will therefore be asked to state how he or she would proceed with moderation to make use of the discount arrangements that are already established in place. The necessary skill in SAP MM can be gained through continuous rigorous training and as well practice to master the concepts and principles behind different operations and activities of the application. Attainment of these skills can be from diverse backgrounds and fields whose authenticity can only be verified through a common certification process for all the professionals.

This is a standard process involving a series of tests and applications procedures whose end product is to establish the user’s proficiency and understanding of the tasks before him or her. This whole process of testing the users on a common scale is what is referred to as Certification. Such a question as in example above when presented, critical analysis will show that it is meant to test varied aspects of knowledge and understanding of the management as well as application use. First, the initial part of the question can be seen to test if the user appreciates that the purchase order can be generated in SAP application. Lack of appreciation of such will lead to being hard for the user to even decipher how this order will be placed. The question as well tests how well the examinee is conversant with different accounting principles. Knowledge of SAP only without accompanying accounting principles may be useless at the end of duty dispensation. And the third bit can be seen to examine the decision making skills of the examinee in these case. Therefore, depending with the answers given, one may find that this question may have more than one answer in the multiple choices given. However, without identification of these four distinct examinable bits may prove it hard to establish the final answers to the question.