SAP as a computer application entails a number of programming and inbuilt technicalities whose activity all depend on appropriate use and configuration. Functionality of SAP can be actually divided into two parts based on the use and ease of use by the user of the application. This can be put into the technical bit and the less technical part of the application. The technicality in the appropriate application of SAP functionality entails fine motor skills in the interpretation of different coding used in the programming, appropriate understanding of computer prompts generated by the application and the installation precautions of the application. Less technical functionality entails the day in day out use of the application to carry out the office activities using the application, launching it and exiting on the computer interface.

The appropriate functionality of the application has much to do with the configuration and the appropriate adherence to the instruction by the one doing the configuration at the primary installation stage of the application. Appropriate manipulation of the skill, adherence to instructions and compatibility to the OS of the computer are all essential to the successful running of the application. The configuration is all depended on a number of factors at the primary stage of installation. These among others include;

The professional qualification, skill and aptitude of the installer. Well trained and specialized SAP engineers are far much better placed to install a better running SAP application compared to road side businessmen who try to do this from the instructions they read on the purchased packages. The trained engineers understand all the necessary requirements of and any booting or rebooting requirements a system may need in the course of functionality.

The means of acquisition of the installed application. A dully purchased SAP application will come packaged with all the necessary unlocking codes, system compatibility passwords and boot and reboot systems. This is contrary in comparison to crack version of the application which can be easily obtained from the roadside at a cheap price compared to the real new version.

Compatibility with the Operating system of the computer. Incompatibility with the computer OS has an effect of slowing the activity of the application since it does not have a supporting platform. However, SAP has a history of efficient functionality on the Windows OS compared to the android.

During configuration, one should be keen on the stages requiring input of special codes and passwords that come packed with the application software. Some of these codes are as well generated by the software during the installation process promptly and without noting them one may have difficulty in accessing them again. After the primary installation or rather configuration, the functionality of the SAP software will involve from time to time system configurations that need update any market improvements on the software and new changes. These are important and should be treated with all the urgency it deserves to avoid any risk of possible damage to files and processes initiated already.