Material management is a wide field that has primary concentration on the material management function in the industries and firms, this management relies on a number of factors and tools for efficiency in the dispensation of the duties. Material management is now well managed by a number of software applications which among them is SAP software. This software makes it easier to locate, receive and store as well release the material goods at the end of the material processing and handling process. Among several duties and functions that can be done by the SAP software, include reservation apart from those mentioned above. Reservation entails what can be said to be a lock mechanism for goods that are yet to be taken up or passed out with ease in the future access. Reservations involve a number of mechanisms and processes to find sufficient and enough room for the release. These requires a high level of integrity and confirmation hence the need for technologically manned software. These activities could take centuries and cost millions if these were being done by manpower and physical paper recording. Apart from efficiency in access of these materials, the procedure could end up being long, tedious and too expensive to manage at the end of the whole process.

Reservations in SAP MM or rather in SAP material management is a process and does not just need an individual to take through the whole process but a whole hierarchy of command in the firm assuring of transparency and accountability in the whole management process. These reservations are important in the management of material in the respective firms as the time of release process is often reduced and becomes slightly less expensive unlike if it was done from the first level at the introductory level. Embracing SAP MM in the material management process is just another form of technological incorporation in the management system of the companies and firms. All over around the globe, advantages of the technology incorporation in the management systems continue to be seen and felt all around the world. The success of these activities is encouraging hence the least to complain or expect a call for stopping of these systems. Incorporation of these technology services in the management systems apart from being efficient and first, continue to help reduce fraud, reduce management costs and save time in the long processes that were initially managed by the man power. By a single system managing a job system that could need five or even more people employed is a great achievement whose fruits are immense and of commendation in the dispensation of the services. As this is embraced, residents and the human workforce will appreciate that employment opportunities will continue to go down as the substitution for man power is continually done. The SAP material management system is such a system that has reduced the need for man power as processes like Reservation continues to be even much more simplified for the desired duty dispensation.