Pricing Procedure in SAP MM

Pricing procedure in SAP MM module is a means to determine the prices of documents to purchase. It gives you the ability to assign and reassign different calculation types for varying needs. Defining the pricing procedure can be made through assigning access sequence to different condition types. The system can determine the location of condition values through the access sequence. Also, it can look for different multiple tables based on your settings.

SAP MM procedure can be determined by assigning a schema calculation to a combination of purchasing organization schema group and vendor schema group. This means that you need to input the vendor schema group into the vendor master, and assign the purchasing organization with schema group before you can enable the system to find the schema calculation to be used in purchasing document.

Understanding SAP MM Pricing Procedure

To understand SAP MM pricing procedure, you need to be familiar with the Condition Table, Access Sequence, Condition Type, Condition Record, Schema Group, Calculation Schema, and Schema Determination.

The primary concept on SAP MM pricing procedure is the combination of different kinds of charges including the gross prices, surcharges, freight, discount, etc. Organizations used pricing procedure to determine these conditions in a single procedure wherein they can find the subtotal of net account.