MM stands for Material Management. Material management in SAP refers to a module incorporated in a system of ERP of SAP for the effective functioning and dispensation of duties necessary for the running of Material management department. MM in SAP is incorporated and can be used for a wide variety of functions that are essential for the stability of and sustained income of the corporation. SAP as a system is designed to ease work of the employees and other workers who depending on the system for delivery of departmental duties. SAP has capability to carry out several functions of Material management at a time hence combining a number of activities that would otherwise need a large workforce to deliver equivalent functions.

In a setting of a corporation involved in production, the sustained flow of material that suit the needs of an existing customer base is essential for a sustained positive reputation as well as diversified income for the company. In quest for continued income stability and good returns, Material management department is endowed to ensure a satisfied customer base and a company that is responsive to the dynamic needs of the customer base. The department is therefore expected to conduct from time to time market surveys that check the new market gap and overseeing the new launces that are in correspondence to the market gap. The department consequently shall be expected to oversee smooth integration of these new products into the market system without risk of loss or retarded growth. As the company grows and expands its territories, so do the existing customers as well as the expectations of the public as far as the company performance is concerned. Material management should ensure a streamlined flow of these activities and a sustained stability of these new services and products injected in the grid of supply of the company.

Based on these assertions, it can generally be deduced that it is factual and pragmatic rational argument that no more evidence is necessary to infer that the success of any particular corporation production as well as chain of supply system is often if not always in concordance with the unity, knowledge and willingness demonstrated by the staff of a company. Constant Desire and being optimistic for success is a driving force that is necessary for all the employees as this thrusts them further and provides them with energy to move them towards the realization or rather achievement of something, which simply a goal, they share in common interest hence at last reaching a common goal which if positive is success of a company as a whole without squabbles. Such success in unity is often owned by the whole system and everyone feels part of the system that is in the journey for success. Without proper coordination, realization of such changes and achievements often tends to be problematic and stumbling block to company’s success. It is inevitable truth that all corporations that have in the past been motivated as whole and worked for a common purpose achieved what was good for them all and consequently the company’s success.