MM is used as a reference short form of Material management. This therefore implies that the above title can be stated as SAP Material management Jobs. SAP is an example of an ERP system. Material management Jobs available with EPR system of SAP are a number and all include jobs necessary for the effective and efficient success of the material management department within a corporation. These job slots tend to vary from one corporation to another depending with daily requirements of a particular corporation and the established customer base. Depending with the area of application of SAP MM, the available jobs can vary from tens to hundreds of employees and even thousand. Important to note are the different professionals who can recruit to fill such slots. Among the many employees necessary, the following are the varied cadres of professionals who can be readily employed upon recruitment and placement into the organization or corporation; IT experts, Data processing experts, Data recovery professionals, Secretaries, Electrical engineers, Masons, Cleaners e.t.c.

The number of each of the professional shall vary widely from one organization to another depending on; the size of the recruiting firm, Capital base of the employer and the market base of the employer as well, Production requirements to be met Academic requirements for hiring as pre-determinants and Availability of the relevant man power ready for hire. All these determinants in one way or another tend to be directly proportional to the production base of the corporation hence they can be considered to be determinants of production. SAP MM jobs tend to be diverse and it should be noted that the above named does not include the full list of the possible jobs available. These jobs require some preliminary skills that are essential for effective duty dispensation. Important for a successful career in SAP MM jobs is;

  • Dynamic and responsive to the continuous changes in the production base and the general industry.
  • Decisive and able to make sound decisions even in absentia of superiors, decisions that should not be harmful to the success of the company.
  • Critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Be computer literate and well versed with modern technology.
  • Good communication skills and self-driven for results.
  • Of sound mind and easy to learn new thinking.
  • Possess basics of management and administrative skills.
  • Be self-motivated for success and goal driven individual.
  • Accommodative, sociable and charming are all desired characteristics among many others.
  • Based from the above extrapolated jobs, determinants and the desired characteristics, it can be broadly be concluded on how good a material management jobs can be administered for the good of both the employee and the employer. This accounts for more success as from the foundation before service the employees were sieved and found to fit the system in place. Such jobs when given to those possessing at least 90 percent of the above traits regrets are never part of such staff as they deliver maximally without reservation while targeting a primary goal of salary which is seen as a motivating factor here in service delivery.