An institute is a well defined organization within the society which helps the individual to education or knowledge of a particular field. It has physical structures which can be called classes where several individuals gather to be trained and also, organization of the leadership starts with the managers till all the individuals are reached. Each institute acquires its own rules and regulations which governs the whole society. Therefore, institute of material management can be said to be a well structured organization which is used to train people on how to manage the materials in the companies they are working in. They are spread in many parts of the world especially in the developed countries which offer sap mm jobs to its citizens. These institutes are valued by those who founded the ideas since they had already recognized its importance among the people who are working under sap mm companies because they needed a little knowledge to direct them in their work without compromising their careers. For instance, these institutes in the cities of Indian are used to nurture the young people in their various careers so as to improve the skills they acquired when they still training in their areas of specialization. Every person who is found in the institute of material management has his or her own side of roles to play in order to keep the moving in a uniform manner without leaving others behind. This means that every work load is shared among the individuals and enhances movement in the right direction of the development.

Institute of material management always organize for conferences and seminars which brings people from various parts of the world in a particular unified centers for more discussions on the issues that are facing other institutes in the other parts of the involved nations. The seminars are very vulnerable because apart from allowing the individuals to interact and be exposed in the matters concerning institute of material management, it allows an open forum for them to share the experience they have acquired in their working areas. As one travel from place to place, it acts as a spirit of adventure where one can learn new things on his or her own from the new places they visit. It breaks the monotony of staying in one part of the nation without changing your environment and views how others struggle to survive since they are not as lucky as you. Institute of material management forms a panel of recognized body which is given the opportunities to attend these seminars and be in charge of bringing back what they learnt to the rest of the people since it is very hard to finance the movement of the whole group of individuals to go and listen for themselves. Each member represents his own country depending on the continent he or she is coming from. The main mission of these members of institute management of material is to promote professional good management of all materials produced in any company.