About SAP MM

SAP MM is simply a short form of SAP Material management. The definition of Materials management can be put as a defined system of putting the filing system of an organization, institution or any establishment in a defined and precise order for easy tracing and retrieval without tussle and hustle. Material management has a variety of soft wares and applications that aid in proper and efficient filing system that is of important in dispensation of day to day activities. The well-known and acceptable widely essence of a good material management system is for an efficient system of data or information recovery when need be. A comprehensive material management should therefore have the following features: Efficient: In material processing and storage, Easy to learn and use, Cheap so as to be economical in use and application and Flexible so as to easily suite the daily changing technological and organizational needs. Readily available for easy access when need be and Power effective to reduce power consumption when used. Material management establishment that is well coordinated has a primary goal of where necessary providing an unbroken chain of components of the production process so as to ensure the maintenance of a stable client base by timely meeting their daily/time to time expectation as pertaining management and operation of the company or even institution. Material management as a component of use in the management or rather administration to meet the requirements and even the needs that is dynamic in the work industry.

Rigid, naïve and less pragmatic staff are considered to be frivolous, vexatious and incompetent for the management and smooth functioning of a good material management system. In material management, naivety and rigidity can lead to delayed data availability and unnecessary loss of data which may be detrimental to the success of any organization or an institution. Rigidity often tends to respond negatively to the forces of change and as often has been attributed to continuous weak management and use of out dated as well as unrealistic orthodox means in the continuous successful running of an organization. Applications of Material of Material management include institutions, organizations, companies and different stakeholders in a particular setting. Examples of institutions that can use Material management include: Universities, Training colleges, Schools, both elementary and secondary or high schools, Prison departments Technical institutions, Shops and marketing malls e.t.c Organizations employing Material management include; Non-Governmental organizations e.g. Human rights watch, Hands off children organization, Save the plants international organization e.t.c. Governmental departments such as; Ministries, Parastatals, Military settings, Police departments, State offices e.t.c. International Organizations; World health organization, Different United Nations agencies, Charity organizations. Eccentrically, Material management ensures that the new launches or planned launches if any are as per the prevailing market demand and that that will be what the client base that is established will need most. Delivery of the product or material as per the expectations of the client base is what any service provider ought to linger for and always be prepared to meet in time such expectations for continuous good sustenance of good client relationship.